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About Us

Helping healthcare providers thrive!

Healthcare providers struggle everyday when it comes to managing, and growing their practice. We are here to help you grow! 

MBA Consulting Group provides Physicians, and their staff with experienced Practice Management Consultants, and Medical Billers to guide them through the right path to success.

Maximize Your Revenue

We provide a variety of consulting services including:

  • Installing Computer Systems & Software
  • Training office staff 
  • Introducing an employee handbook and policy manual
  • Creating master copies of patient forms
  • Organizing filing systems 

Get Paid For What You Deserve

We provide a full billing service including:

  • Billing insurance carriers directly through electronic / paper claims
  • Generating patients  statements daily 
  • Working directly with Attorneys & claims adjusters for Workers Comp, Personal Injury, Liens, and Medpay

Services Offered

Practice Management Services

New Practice? No problem 

Our specialists will assist with developing your new practice. 

Space planning, staff hiring and training.

Assist new physicians with Insurance Enrollment and Credentialing.

Established practice struggling? No problem.

We will monitor patient relations & managed patient care, and set up that weekly, monthly, and yearly goal to get your practice where it needs to be.

Medical Billing Services

Our experienced medical billing team will submit/provide claims to primary and secondary insurance carriers. 

They will follow up, track, and post all payments in a timely manner.

Our full service medical billing includes generating patient statements. Specialists will be available to answer and questions and/or concerns a patient may have.


Our specialists are experienced and trained to work with all PPO/HMO insurance carriers along with Workers Comp, Personal Injury (Medpay & Liens) and Medicare.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  •  Elimination of In-House Billing Expenses: (Salaries, Vacation, Sick pay, Medical & Dental Benefits, Workers Comp, Payroll taxes)
  •  Elimination of high cost of office space, billing software, and computer equipment 
  • 99% Average Collection Rate - Fewer errors & rejections from carriers

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